How to Mod your gt on mw2

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How to Mod your gt on mw2 Empty How to Mod your gt on mw2

Post  eRa Modz on Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:00 pm

If you wanna mod your gt heres what you do you need.
1.Usb explorer
2.Ezgt 2.1
3.Xbox 360 Hash Block Calculator
first you need to put your flashdrive in your xbox then move your account from your hardrive to your Flashdrive then you put your flashdrive into your computer after that you will need to open up Usb explorer then click on file then open device then you will see 1.{dir}Content after that you will click on the numbers and letters E000 whatever after you double click that you will se a whole bunch of letters with F's in it double click that then you will see 001 and all those letters double click that you will see a whole bunch E000 again THATS YOUR ACCOUNT!! Click the letters that say extract then extract that to your xbox. then open up EzGt 2.1 and open look at the the guy on the top right corner click on him and click open then find your profile your profile is The E000 file on your desktop you extracted from usb xplorer then When you see your name in EzGt 2.1 (your gt) delete that then click add then you can get all the buttons you want or colors then click save. you will have a file and a folder delete the file you got from usb explorer and keep the folder you just got from EzGt 2.1 then open up Xbox 360 Hash Block Calculator then click file then open and find the folder then click on E0000 then click on Calculate Hash blocks close Xbox 360 Hash Block calculator then open usb explorer click open file and open device again, click content THEN DO NOT CLICK ANY MORE!!! then click inject folder then find the Modded folder E0000 whatever only click that once then click ok once the Green bar is filled up you are done! Plug your usb into your xboxmove your regular account and your modded one onto your hardrive then play mw2 go to mutiplayer with out any accounts signed in when you click xbox live click on your modded account after you sign on your modded account it will give you an option for an avatar click nothing but the middle button when that comes up. Then click xbox live again and sign into your regular accoint and there you go you can play online with all your friends with your modded gt this will also work work on cod5 and cod4 heres a link to where you can all your gt mod Programs ?4hiamnjogmi skip the ad if it gives it to you, you just haft to wait about 5 seconds when you download the program and also msg me on xbl if your having problems my gt is eRa Modz This is not my video but its the one that helped me out when I mod my gt.
Heres a video to help you out!
eRa Modz
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